India is a unique nation, whose fabric has been woven by diverse linguistic, cultural and religious threads , held together into a composite national identity by a rich history of cultural evolution, coupled with a rousing freedom struggle that was built around the tenets of non-violence and justice. Read More

  • Objectives of EBSB

    i. To CELEBRATE the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of our Country.
    ii. To PROMOTE the spirit of national integration through a deep and structured engagement between all Indian States ... Read More

  • Key Themes

    To celebrate the idea of India as a nation wherein different cultural units across varied geographies coalesce and interact with each other, this glorious manifestation of diverse cuisine, music, dance, theatre, movies & films, handicrafts, sports, literature, festivals, painting, sculpture etc... Read More

  • Implementation Strategy / Methodology

    The aforesaid States and UTs are to enter into a wide range of mutual engagements. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, which has been designated Nodal Ministry for co-ordination of the programme has intimated all States/UTs to nominate a nodal officer for the programme... Read More

  • Key Activities

    1. Translation of at least 5 Award Winning Books, 5 award winning songs of One State in the Language of Partnering State.
    2. Identification of proverbs having similar meaning in the languages of the two States and their translation and dissemination for interchangeable Read More

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Gujarat - Chhattisgarh

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Jammu & Kashmir & Ladakh -Tamil Nadu

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