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Bhasha Sangam App

Bhasha Sangam App is a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with MyGov India. The App has been developed by a start-up Multibhashi Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which was selected by MyGov through a LANGUAGE LEARNING INNOVATION CHALLENGE to give people of India a sense of familiarity with the wide range of Indian languages. It aims to foster the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat by enabling people across India to learn different languages of different states of India and come closer to their culture.

Meet Bhaarat



The app features two animated characters Bhaarat and Vaani who come in 22 different avatars relevant to these 22 languages.

These characters provide
the users information about the language they are learning.

Features of

Bhasha Sangam App

  • Users can learn 100+ sentences with their translations and audios in 22 languages.
  • After every sentence, the user is asked to answer a few questions, to ensure learning. Feedback is given after each question is answered.
  • The app is designed in a Game like Lesson map.
  • After a user has learnt all the sentences, he is tested comprehensively.
  • Based on the test, an e-certificate with user’s names auto-printed is awarded in a downloadable format.
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Bhasha Sangam app issues an e-certificate authorised by the Ministry of Education to any app user who completes the entire language course and passes the certification test on the app successfully.

Bhasha Sangam App is completely free to use and is being promoted by the Government under the

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat initiative