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Know our Language Malayalam
Report on Know our language Malayalam The EBSB club of NSS Training College Ottapalam prepared a very interesting and informative session as their third program for this month's schedule. The members of the club prepared a video containing the Vowels of the Malayalam Alphabets along with a word with each alphabets. A picture representing the alphabets and the words with the alphabets were also given for the better experience to the Himachal friends. The video also contained Hindi alphabets and words along with pictures for the students in Kerala to understand Hindi better and the students of Himachal Pradesh was able to understand and learn Malayalam better. The presentation gave a new experience to the viewers and the presenters.
Ministry of Education- Higher Education - RUSA funded Institutions
NSS Training College Ottappalam, Palakkad, PIN 679 101
Learning the language of the Paired State   Classes for teaching language/Language Workshop
25/10/2020   to   31/10/2020
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