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Alluring the Art - Sketching the Beauty of Assam and Rajasthan
As part of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat initiative, IHM Jaipur organized a sketching/painting activity on the topic “Alluring the Art” (sketching the beauty of Assam and Rajasthan).. The students were required to prepare and send their genuine images of Paintings/sketches made by them by their own on the topic given ( their sketches/paintings showing cultural/historical beauty of Assam and Rajasthan). The activity was aimed at making students aware and appreciative of the culture and practices of Assam through a the activity based learning approach.
Ministry of Tourism - Institute of Hotel Management (IHM)
Cultural Exchange   Display of the culture of the paired state trough traditional dresses, creating local ambience, traditional music and dance, traditional paintings
Online Activity
08/02/2021   to   16/02/2021
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