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EBSB Virtual AV presentation by Indiatourism Mumbai
As part of the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat activities, India Tourism Mumbai organised a virtual AV presentation on Madhya Pradesh, Manipur & Nagaland on 07.05.2021. The multimedia presentation on Madhya Pradesh, Manipur & Nagaland is designed to introduce class 6th and 7th students in Madhya Pradesh to the Culture, History, Geography, Monuments, Temples , dance forms , tourist attractions, Handicraft and cuisine of Manipur & Nagaland which is the 'paired state' with Madhya Pradesh under EBSB initiative. 74 Students from KV, Takenpur, Madhya Pradesh attended the presentation. the spot quiz competition were also conducted at the end of the presentation
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07/05/2021   to   07/05/2021
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