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Swachhta Pledge
The students of Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Government Engineering College, Surat took the Swachhta pledge on 16/02/2021 in their respective classrooms with their teachers and EBEB coordinators. The pledge was taken in Hindi as the same language has been spoken in the paired state. More than 100 students took the vow to keep their surroundings clean irrespective of where they are. They also decided to ensure that others also keep their surrounding clean. They will propagate this thought of “Keep clean surroundings” to their family, relatives, friends, neighbours etc. The Coordinator Prof. K. G. Bhuva and Prof. B. B. Rana coordinated and managed the event.
Ministry of Education- Higher Education - RUSA funded Institutions
Dr.S&S.S.Ghandhy Government Engineering College, Surat (Degree)
Learning the language of the Paired State   Pledge on Swachhtha/oath taking/ Pledgeon Swachh Bharat
Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Government Engineering Col
16/02/2021   to   16/02/2021
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