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‘Pledge For COVID Vaccination’
C. P. Patel & F H Shah Commerce College (B.Com (S.F) & M.Com Dept. and BCOM & BBA GIA Dept.) Anand, Gujarat has organized ‘Pledge For COVID Vaccination’ in which students took pledge for vaccination & prepared video of the same under the auspicious of the ‘EBSB Club’. They also motivate the students of Gujarat & our paired state Chhattisgarh to go for vaccination at the time of their turn. The objective of this event is to spread awareness about COVID vaccinnation among students of Gujarat and our paired state Chhattisgarh as well as among the society.
Ministry of Education- Higher Education - RUSA funded Institutions
C.P.Patel & F.H.Shah Commerce College, Anand
Learning the language of the Paired State   Pledge on Swachhtha/oath taking/ Pledgeon Swachh Bharat
Online Mode
01/05/2021   to   02/05/2021
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