• Students of the respective institutions may perform a theatrical play, skit, street-play, nukkad-natak etc. on ‘Dharti Kahe Pukar ke’ and choose any of the sub-theme to perform. The play should highlight the plight/suffering of Mother Earth and Sustainable practices to overcome the same. List of sub-themes are given below:
Sustainable Agriculture Rainwater harvesting
Environmental Conservation Garbage Free India
Chemical-Free Farming Land Pollution
Soil Enrichment Air Pollution
Organic Fertilizers Best Practices of Paired State
Groundwater Depletion Others, Please Specify
  • The length of the performance should be 6 to 10 minutes. Institution may also involve local artists for the same, however student participation is must.
  • Institutions are encouraged to contextualize the script and theme as per their respective state and region (touching upon the most pressing issues faced by the local community with respect to environmental pollution and sustainable solutions) and performance may be conducted in the regional local language in which the Institution is located.
  • In order to increase the reach and effectiveness of the message being delivered, it is advisable to invite relevant stakeholders to be the audience or Chief Guest during the performance. Local farming community, village dwellers, Self-help groups, NGOs, local government bodies, industries, conservationist, environmentalist etc. (as thought suitable) may be invited to watch the performance for amplification of the message.
  • Institutions are required to record the performance of their students in High Definition Quality and upload it on their respective Institution’s YouTube channel (if already existing) or create a new YouTube channel for the institution and upload the same.
  • Institutions who already have EBSB Login credentials may use the same login credentials and submit the link of their YouTube videos by selecting the activity name “Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke”. Fresh users may register on the EBSB Portal for participating in this activity.
  • Institutions are required to fill out other details as well on the EBSB portal such as “Sub-Theme”, “Problem Identified”, “Proposed Solution”, “Language of the Play”, “No. of Performers & Viewers” etc. Institutions may also prepare and submit a report on the above activity (optional).

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